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Sebastian, Optimize Your Financial Future with Dependable Fixed Annuity Rates

Leave behind the turbulent swings of the stock market. Place $100,000 into a 10-year fixed annuity at 6.00%, and watch your account grow to $179,085—reaping the benefits of $79,085 purely from compound interest. Or, if you're in search of reliable current income, you can opt for a steady annual interest payout of $6,000.



Sebastian, you've worked hard and saved, and now it's time to make your money work for you. If you value long-term security with excellent returns, then a fixed annuity is ideal to reliably grow your assets.

Annuities are a smart choice that will give you a pre-determined value at maturity, with no surprises. Explore the advantages of this B++ rated annuity that guarantees an impressive 6.00% compounded interest for a full 10 years, all tax-deferred. That translates to a remarkable 8.82% taxable equivalent yield (TEY). Don't miss out — lock in this attractive rate today.

Powerful Features

What Annuities Can Do

Seamless Rollovers
Transition your Retirement Accounts into a shielded growth vessel with our rollover-friendly annuities.
Awaken Idle Assets
Have non-performing assets? It's time to reposition them into a realm of assured and exclusive jumbo returns.
Portfolio De-Risking
Balance out the uncertainties in your investment portfolio by adding a steady, dependable growth engine.

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*Rate Disclosure: The rates showcased are based on a premium tier of $100,000 unless otherwise indicated. The indicative interest returns and yearly payouts correspond to this tier's projected outcomes. Rates vary by tier, with higher premiums potentially qualifying for more favorable rates. The rates and corresponding TEY (Taxable Equivalent Yield) shown are calculated based on the highest premium tier, assuming a 32% tax bracket. For detailed information on different premium tiers or to understand the TEY for your specific tax bracket, consult with one of our licensed advisors.

Crystal ball not included 😉

Grow your assets safely with a Fixed Annuity

In a world rife with financial uncertainty, predictable growth stands as a beacon of security. While other investment avenues may lure with promises of high returns, they often come tethered to the whims of volatile markets.

A Fixed Annuity offers you the unique value of steady, assured expansion of your assets, sidestepping the rollercoaster of market unpredictability.

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Drive your assets into the future

Experience a streamlined process designed for your convenience. Our hassle-free online application, rapid approval, and the ease of managing your annuity online post-purchase assure potential buyers of a smooth journey towards securing their financial future.


Explore our offerings through a virtual demonstration, understanding how each annuity can benefit your financial future in a matter of minutes.


Our AI has done the legwork to curate the best annuities from a wide array of available products, saving you time in finding the right fit.


Our platform matches unique product features to your desired benefits or circumstances, ensuring a tailored solution with no regrets.


With a streamlined process for document submissions, purchasing is fast and easy, moving you swiftly towards securing your financial growth.

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